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Mitsunobu Makino, a Tokyo-based translator offers translation service (Japanese into English) for scholars, researchers and students in studies related to Japan.  After teaching Japanese language and culture at American schools and European universities through some exchange programs, he started his own translation business.  The business is still running for business companies, but he personally likes to seek for collaboration with foreign academicians and students. 


Different from the normal business with the business clients, he does not want to be just business-like.  If you order some translation, he is willing to find and read some related materials so that he can discuss and share perspectives with you.  If you cannot find useful materials for your study within your country, he may be able to find them in Japan.  In addition, if you request, he can go to libraries or other institutions to get a copy of the requested material. 


As a Japanese intellectual, he covers arts, modern and classical literature, history and social sciences (usually working in legal and financial areas) and may give you extensive perspectives to your study.  He also understands some of the situations of the researchers in the humanities and will be happy if he could do some help when you feel difficulties, helpless or isolated in your study. 


His translation rate is negotiable, intended to be student-friendly.


gBooks on Japanh is Makinofs personal website.  The number of the listed books is limited, but he hopes they are of interest and useful for your study.


Mitsunobu Makinofs educational background: Bachelor of Arts, The University of Tokyo; Master of Sociology, The University of Tokyo




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